Mediation of different interests and conflict management

When it comes to the use of natural resources dealing with differing interests and demands are very normal. The interests of such groups as environmentalists, tourists, farmers, manufacturers, public administration and others are sometimes very far apart. Mediation means having all stakeholders work together to explore common objectives, alternatives and options for compensation. It is helpful to reach agreed solutions and to prevent long lasting conflicts as a group, rather than having the issue decided by a judge which may damage any common ground and limit the opportunity for good relations over time.

PACTeam steers mediation processes. We help design and develop procedures that are attentive and appreciating towards all the participating people and groups. We facilitate sessions that are carefully planned, objectively implemented and allow the participants the opportunity to express their positions and interests clearly and without fear. The sharing of viewpoints allows for a more complete exploration of the issues and encourages the development of sound compromises. The sucessful ending point of the process is reached, when the parties have developed an agreement and a action action, that is supported by all contrahents.