Alternative approaches for extension in the rural areas

Public means are becoming scarce and the tasks in rural and agricultural development are becoming more and more diversified. As such the understanding of extension work is changing. The consequences for extension contents and methods are obvious and therefore the official extension systems are called in question. The demand for stronger participation and greater responsibility for the extension partners nesecessitates a restructuring of existing hierarchies, schedules and methodological procedures. The diversification of tasks means changing organisational structures, the creation of specialised departments or even the establishment of small and flexible private service providers.. Finally, the differentiation between public and private goods as well classifies extension topics as driven either by public interest or by private use and thus calls for a new distribution of extension costs.

PACTeam offers its support to organizations undertaking these sometimes difficult change and development processes. Our services and experiences include conceptual elaborations, accompaniment during the establishment and/or reorientation of extension organisations as well as the implementation of these change concepts into organisational procedures, including the education and training of advisors.