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PACTeam Canada Inc.
Our partners in Canada are specialists in the elaboration and implementation of participatory land-use and natural resource planning, regional and community development, and aboriginal issues.

Universität Hohenheim, Fachgebiet: Landwirtschaftliche Kommunikations- und Beratungslehre
The Department for Agricultural Communication and Extension focuses on teaching methodological knowledge and skills for the implementation of consultancy processes. Oour colleagues there pay particular attention to the design of participatory development processes in rural areas.

Creative Communication Consult
Our colleagues at Creative Communication Consult specialise in conflict management. We cooperate in the implementation of training courses and in the mediation of conflictive situations.

Landesanstalt für Entwicklung der Landwirtschaft und der ländlichen Räume (LEL)
Together with the colleagues from the LEL we have developed and implemented trainings for the staff of the Baden-Württemberg agriculture administration.

Amt für Landwirtschaft, Landschafts- und Bodenkultur in Donaueschingen (ALLB)
Together with the colleagues from the agricultural district office of Donaueschingen , we conducted a project for the development of agricultural extension strategies.

Amt für Landwirtschaft, Landschafts- und Bodenkultur (ALLB) in Emmendingen-Hochburg
Together with the colleagues from the agricultural district office of Emmendingen we are implementing a marketing project with the farmer association for extensive beef production.

Zentrale Studienberatung der Universität Hohenheim (ZSB)
For the student counseling office of the University of Hohenheim we conduct a training program to improve the students methodological learning approach.

Agrecol is an association of experts in development co-operation. It promotes the extension of ecologically oriented land-use in countries of the south. PACTeam shares this objective and our staff are members of Agrecol.

Akademie der katholischen Landjugend
The Academie of Catholic rural youth assists active rural regions. For the Academie we have designed and delivered training workshop for regional development experts.