Welcome to PACTeam!

PACTeam is an innovative group of international professionals dealing in institutional analysis, organizational development and communication with experience in many parts of the world.
Our mission is to initiate and accompany learning processes within and among organizations which can contribute to the achievement of sustainable livelihoods.
We do this by providing high-quality analysis, advice and training for both government and non-government organizations that deal with the improvement of rural livelihoods.
We value co-operation with various other individuals and institutions, believing that this contributes to assuring the highest of standards.

Barry Hunter and Sara Geirholm founded PACTeam Canada in the year 2002. They work as consultants in the areas of land-use planning and regional development. We are happy about the intensive discussion and constructive co-operation with our colleagues. Find more about PACTeam Canada on: http://www.pacteam.ca


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