Training programme on participatory project planning - Turkey

The south-eastern part of Turkey borders Iraq and Syria. Even though the water of the Euphrates and the Tigris are used intensively for energy production and irrigation, the region is economically among the weakest areas of the country. GAP/RDA, the Rural Development Authority of South-Eastern Anatolia, is tasked with initiating and supporting processes of sustainable rural development in the region. Together with FAO, GAP/RDA started a capacity building programme for its staff in 2002. The goal was to familiarise about 20 people with participatory planning and implementation procedures for rural development projects.
PACTeam was contracted by, and worked in close co-operation, with FAO, to design and implement this programme. During the first year the participants were familiarised with participatory procedures for situation assessment, project planning along with implementation and evaluation. During a two-month period teams of the trainees elaborated, together with the actors of two distinct areas, a regional development concept. It is the objective of this capacity building programme to form a team of Turkish trainers. Their task will be to train colleagues within fellow institutions, to plan and initiate rural development processes in a way, that all groups of stakeholders are able to participate in design and implementation.