Regional discovery and appetising tours

One part of the extension project “Sustainable Grassland Farming” is the facilitation of a working group „Tourism and Agriculture“. This group counts farmers, restaurant owners and town administration as participants. The group has set themselves the tasks of (1) attracting tourists through offers and events that showcase the Region’s specialties and traditions, (2) creating experiences for guests and regional dwellers that exemplify the relationship between agriculture and the panoramic landscape and (3) to promote tourism as a source of income for farmers families.

The organisation of „Regional discovery and appetising tours“,were performed for a second time in 2004. This is a joint project of farmers and restaurant chefs. For two weeks local restaurants offered meals with regional ingredients and regional recipes, while guided tours to selected farms helped local inhabitants and tourists to discover the landscape and its secrets.
It is the objective, to institutionalise these events over the the next years, and to develop them into a joint project of all regional producers and processors.