Team Building and Organisational Development

PACTeam sees organisational development as a continuous process of establishing and maintaining a working style that ensures the delivery of high quality, cost-effective services. The preconditions for successful organisations are suitable internal structures (mechanisms for communication, decision-making and accountability) and procedures. Key elements in many OD processes are the application of the subsidiary principle, limited hierarchies and teamwork.

The BayWa Company is an input and service provider covering many rural regions of Germany. Its services have grown beyond agricultural input supply and presently they offer an extensive programme of services and inputs for the whole of the rural areas. The process of growing into new fields requires a steady adaptation of their organisational structures. This adaptation enables the efficient integration of new business branches and improves the vertical and horizontal flows of communication between and within sectoral departments. PACTeam contributed to the elaboration and facilitation of these restructuring and integration processes that resulted in clearly defined roles and a more team-oriented working approach.