Successful and Enjoyable Studying - Germany

People cannot be made to learn: it is something they must do for themselves and is an active process. Universities offer vast learning opportunities and it is often taken for granted that young people are able to take up the knowledge and skills placed at their disposal. At Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, it was observed that even well motivated students can face difficulties in effective studying. The University decided to address this situation.

PACTeam developed a series of target-group specific training workshops aimed at assisting the students in improving their methodological and organisational skills as well as offering them support in understanding the rules and regulations of the University.
One of the target groups are young students who – in the workshop “Learning to learn” – are getting familiar with basic techniques of self-determined learning. By trying out these techniques they recognise and experience that learning is much more than accumulating technical knowledge, it is a complex but rewarding process that requires skill and management capabilities.

“Learners' training with coaching” addresses students in difficult study situations. During the training they elaborate, together with the trainers, individual approaches to solving their study-related problems. The realisation of these solutions is up to the students, but they are backstopped through a number of short follow-up meetings as well as by e-mail- and a telephone hotline with the trainers.

For the growing number of foreign students, the training “Studying in Hohenheim – facts and more” covers effective learning techniques, guidance through the jungle of administrative regulations and intercultural communication support.. This enables foreign students to integrate into the German university life more easily. This training is also offered in the English language for students of the first Hohenheim Master’s Course that is taught completely in a foreign language.

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