Farm development in social welfare organisations

Farms that are components of social welfare organisations have the dual functions of attending and producing, and often find themselves in a confusing situation. From a social welfare perspective, attending to the needs of as many clients as possible with sensible tasks that can be completed with minimal qualification is the goal. From an economic perspective on the other hand , the development of efficient production techniques calls for an increasing specialisation and mechanisation.

This contradiction can only be eased and partially solved if:

Together with an expert in farming in social welfare institutions, PACTeam is accompanying the restructuring-process of the dairy farm of the “Behindertenwerk Main-Kinzig” in southern Germany. The main goals for this reorientation are to focus agricultural production towards the needs of handicapped people and to adhere to the economic principle of cost recovery.

Together with client staff members in administration, attending, and agricultural production, PACTeam explored possible development scenarios. An economic and attendant needs evaluation of these scenarios is ongoing by PACTeam. In 2004 it is expected that concrete planning and implementation of a selected development model will begin.