Backstopping the development process of an extension association - Georgia

The Ecological Farming Association Elkana in Georgia, that, amongst other tasks, promotes eco-farming through an agricultural extension service and lobbying on political level, aims to become a learning organisation. This process includes
- critically reflecting on its own activities with regard to the quality of their services; and,
- analysing the reasons for success and failure.

This is the key to transfer positive experiences to other situations and to avoid duplication of negative results. The field staff play a crucial role because they are involved in the review and analysis of their own performance and contribute to reaching conclusions for further actions that work at the Operational, Department and Management levels.

PACTeam assisted Elkana in this process and developed together with their staff members a planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) system. Information channels are now transparent, internal meetings are co-ordinated and the reporting system is unified and simplier than in the past.