Marketing project of a beef producer association - Germany

The Association of Extensive Beef Producers (Arbeitskreis Mutterkuhhalter) in the Emmendingen District was founded In November 2003. The purpose of this association is to support its members in producing high quality beef, that can be sold for good prices on the regional market. Therefore it is necessary, to develop appealing products which are placed at the market with a convincing message and together with regional partners.

Contracted by the agricultural district office, PACTeam moderated and accompanied a project via the facilitation of farmer meetings, to develop concrete publicity initiatives and to develop processed beef products in co-operation with regional butchers. These regional products, with a low intensity origin, are marketed under the brand “Zweitäler-Rind”. During a second phase of the project PACTeam is again co-ordinating the co-operation of farmers, processors, important institutions and potential supporters of the initiative.